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How to Bullet Proof Your Accounting Department Against Fraud 

11-03-2021 17:44

Paul Kornfeind III, MCM (2008)

Private club general managers, passionate multitaskers possessing intimate knowledge of their club’s operational areas, can be at the mercy of their controllers and bookkeepers if they are not conversant in the demands of accounting and active in instituting fraud controls. Fortunately, most controllers and bookkeepers deserve the trust that general managers place in them. However, those that do not can cause major problems for a club and its general manager. This monograph explores how well private clubs are protecting themselves against fraud—and where general managers need to improve the controls to keep money from walking out the club door. The information gathered through the research was then used to create a checklist that can help club managers protect their clubs against fraud. The checklist offers practical ways that club managers can implement effective controls.

Paul N. Kornfeind III, CCM

A monograph submitted to the Certification Committee of the Club Managers Association of America in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Master Club Manager (MCM) designation.

January 2008

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MCM Monograph, Paul Kornfeind III, MCM (2008)

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