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What is CMAA Connect?

  • Private, professional networking community for CMAA
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Enhance Your Profile:

  • Click on your profile in the upper right corner. Add your photograph, add your information, connect your social media accounts and more.
  • By default, community members are subscribed to receive a daily digest that corresponds to the discussion items posted in the community. You may choose to change your email preferences. Visit your profile page, find the My Account tab and Email Preferences.

Check Out the Communities:

  • Communities are groups of members based on committee involvement, interest area, event registration, or other criteria. If you are a member of a CMAA National Committee, Board, or Member Community, you will automatically be a part of that group's community. Each community has its own landing page, complete with a discussion, library, roster of community members, and place for announcements.

We encourage you to post and get familiar with this platform! For any assistance, please reach out!