MCM Monographs

Since 1990, The Master Club Manager (MCM) program recognizes the importance of significant, long-lasting contributions made by club managers to their clubs, their professions and their communities. In addition, the MCM designation provides the means by which experienced club managers can make a significant written contribution to their industry.

Listed here are the esteemed individuals that have achieved the MCM designation. Below, you may access the individual monographs completed thus far.

Mark Bado, MCM, CCE (2012)
Integrated Team Management within the Private Club Industry

Joseph Basso, MCM (2002)
Building Bridges: Working with the Golf Management Team

James H. Brewer, MCM (1995)
Developing A Club's History Book: An In-Depth Guide

Dennis Conneally, MCM, CCE (2012)
The Future of American Yacht Clubs - Building Successful Junior Sailing Programs

C.W. Cook Jr., MCM, CCE (2017)
Aquatic Risk Management and Best Practices for Clubs

Dorothy Donovan, MCM * (2003)
An Exploratory Study of Leadership Styles Among Club Managers

Boris Gradina, MCM, CCE (2020)
New Employee Onboarding at Private Clubs

Laurice T. "Bud" Hall, MCM * (1996)
New Member Orientation for Private Clubs

Edward Henderson, MCM * (1994)
Lions Among Us: A study of the role and success factors of club managers who have flourished as active leaders in their clubs

John Jordan, MCM (1998)
The Marriage of Four California Wines (Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc) and American Food

Paul Kornfeind III, MCM (2008)
How to Bullet Proof Your Accounting Department Against Fraud

Jerry McCoy, MCM (1994)
The Value of Contract Documents In Club Construction and Renovation Programs

A. Graham McDeson, MCM (1994)
Implementing Total Quality Management as an Integral Part of Strategic Management

Sandy McGaughey, MCM * (2005)
Creating the Private Club Wine List

Larry McKenzie, MCM, CCE (2014)
An Economically Sustainable Business Model for Private Clubs: A Blueprint to Prosperity in the 21st Century

MacDonald A. Niven, MCM, CCE (2017)
Fostering Strong Working Relationships Between the GM/COO and Club Directors

Mitchell Platt, MCM, CCE (2012)
Executive Tenure: Developing A Model for Effective Leadership

Michael Robinson, MCM (1999)
Assessing the Team-Building Process in Your Club

William A. Schulz, MCM (1996)
Club Management Opportunities Assistant Manager Development Program

Norman J. Spitzig, Jr., MCM (1994)
Is It Time To Move? (Recognizing the "Warning Signs" Associated with Club Manager Job Change)

Crystal M. Thomas, MCM (2004)
A Study of the General Manager Performance Evaluation Process

Michael Wheeler, MCM, CCE (2014)
Club Culture: Are You Practicing What You Believe In?

"Mac" A. Winker, MCM (1994)
Innovativeness / Entrepreneurship in Clubs: A Systematic Approach

* deceased