January 2023: Our Goals

Hello CMAA and Happy New Year! As 2023 begins I want to share our CMAA goals for the new year. These goals are established by the Board of Directors and CMAA’s professional staff each fall and coincide with our fiscal year beginning November 1. These are listed in no priority order:

  1. Update CMAA’s Strategic Plan leveraging Board and Committee work as we look to adjust due to changes in clubs and society since the 2021 approval.

  2. Complete work with CMAA member group(s) on a verified club internship program for student members/others interested in pursuing a club management career. Continue to work with university faculty to encourage better awareness/understanding of clubs and club management.

  3. Launch the Club Wellness Community as the successor for current Club Spa and Fitness Association (CSFA) members and as a springboard for other professional communities within CMAA.

  4. Work more closely with the National Club Association (NCA) on governance and other areas of common interest.

  5. Formally discuss and determine a path to assist CMAA members with recruiting and retaining mid-level club management professionals. Work on ways the Association can better engage and connect these members/prospective members.

  6. Develop and plan for a “People and Culture” Summit as soon as practical working around or with existing related programs in the club space.

  7. As the strategy on co-trademarking is resolved, move forward with the development of a replacement for the Contemporary Club Management textbook. Establish a plan for execution, completion, and distribution.

  8. Re-launch the BMI Wine & Food Management program in Sonoma, CA.

  9. Restructure the CMAA Faculty Internship Program (funded by The Club Foundation); work to reinstitute the program for 2024.

  10. Complete development of a white paper on properly preparing for and funding club-related capital projects.

  11. Continue CMAA’s awareness, information, and alignment on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts via National Committees and staff. As data becomes available from the club DEI benchmarking tool, determine additional course of action.

  12. Implement and review success of basic retirement services and financial coaching for CMAA member.

  13. Assess our requirements for future online learning and training so that we may begin to evaluate and select learning management systems to replace the current platform.

These goals for 2023 touch a lot of areas and people within CMAA. I am excited about the work we have in front of us as we look at the year ahead. It is a year that has started off well with strong membership renewals and registration for the World Conference and Club Business Expo in Orlando, FL. We are only about a month away, so if you have not registered, please do so now! We look forward to seeing you there!