December 2021: Our 2022 Organizational Goals

Hello CMAA Members and Happy Holidays from all of us on the CMAA team! We hope you, your family, and your club have a joyous holiday season.

While we still have a few weeks before we officially welcome the new year, CMAA began its 2022 fiscal year on November 1. We will be sharing a review of this past year in our Annual Report and via my “State of the Association” address at the World Conference and Club Business Expo in February.
Today, I want to share some of our organizational goals for the upcoming year:

  1. Continue to work on various student-focused initiatives including creating a standardized club internship model, better educating university faculty about club management, and leveraging CMAA to increase the awareness of clubs within university programs and career recruiting events.

  2. Continue to integrate diversity, equity, and inclusion tools, resources, and information into CMAA programs and communications. 

  3. Continue to execute The Club Foundation’s strategic plan, including updates to scholarship programs

  4. Incorporate active learning concepts to include participatory engagement in CMAA’s Conferences and Summits

  5. Begin development of an educational offering focused on Human Resource management in clubs.
  6. Begin exploration of the need, interest, and content for a club leadership team development program

  7. Establish a work group to develop a white paper or other resource on funding mechanisms and considerations for club capital projects.
  8. Implement basic retirement support for members to assist with their personal retirement planning efforts. 

  9. Research learning management systems to deliver online training and education.
  10. Assist and support the development of updated strategic plans for the Club Spa & Fitness Association and the CMAA Wine Society

  11. Prepare for refinancing CMAA’s mortgage due in 2023.

As you can see our focus of continuous improvement and development of new member programs is vital, just like it is in your club. Fittingly, CMAA’s annual theme for 2022 is Engage. Empower. Connect. The CMAA team looks forward to harnessing the power of the CMAA community through National Committee and Task Force involvement to help with these initiatives. 

Until next month,
Jeff Morgan, FASAE, CAE
President & CEO