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How to Prepare for and Attempt Exam Essays

Essays in exams test your knowledge of a subject and evaluate your understanding of its salient idea, theories, concepts. The exam essay is ubiquitous and is part of every discipline, whether it is a subject of history, literature, finance, science, law, or language. 

Unlike take-home essays, exam essays don’t allow for comprehensive pre and post writing tasks. The essay has to be planned, written, and reviewed in the same timespan allot in the exam. The essay writer, however, has an idea about the topic of the essay and can judge the prompt by the content covered in the course.

Pre-exam tasks 

Collecting the required information

Make sure that you have collected all the information related to the exam. This includes all the notes that you have taken and the lecture material provided to you by the instructor. Knowing the topics which the essay will cover will give you a narrower subject area to prepare for your essay. If there are any specific exam specifications, make sure you clear that form your instructor how to write essay for me.

Going over the material provided

The material and the syllabus should be covered in depth. Make sure to read the subject material critically and delve into information that is outside your course to widen your knowledge about the subject. Just by going over the material you can make yourself intelligent about the topics that are bound to appear in the essay.

During the exam

Reading the essay question/s

Don’t forget to read all the essay questions before attempting any one of them. This is an excellent strategy for writing the essays as it allows you to target the easier essay question at first. This will be an excellent warm-up for you and will also help you boost your confidence for the longer or the harder essays. 

Brainstorming and planning

Before you attempt the essay you should brainstorm the essay topic using methods such as mind mapping and listing. This will allow you to visually see the information that you possess about the topic, the informational hierarchy, and the relationship they form between each other.

This helps you know the salient points of the write my essay and also allows you to plan out the structure of the essay.

The essay writing

Follow the rough essay structure or the outline that you have made using the brainstorming method. Try to keep the essay prompt in mind while writing the essay. Make sure that you structure your essay into paragraphs that are uniform and have coherence within themselves and with other paragraphs. 

Provide the reader with an overview of the essay plan in the introduction, accompanied by placing the essay topic in context to the background information about the subject. This will ensure that the readers know what they are reading and what to expect from the essay.

An important part of the writing is providing the essay with evidence and examples to support your arguments and analysis and critically evaluating the various arguments and theories about the essay topic at hand. The top-performing students usually have one or two sources that they usually quote form and provide their critical analysis on. 

Editing process

Make sure that you leave enough time at the end of the essay to go over the essay content and correct any mistakes on the sentence level of the essay typer. This can mean improving vocabulary, sentence variety, as well as grammar, punctuation, and spelling. 

Most students don’t find the time to edit their essays due to poor essay scheduling. Make sure that you finish your writing with a quarter of the total time left in for the essay.